Do I need probate if I Have a will

Grant of probate

Very often we are asked about whether probate is required when there is a will, the short answer depends upon the nature of the deceased persons assets and liabilities.

We often speak with clients who are surprised that a bank or building society won’t release funds after they have seen a death certificate or a copy of the will, unfortunately a will is not proven until the application has been made to the probate registry. This means that if the deceased left assets above £5000, then a grant of probate of probate will be required by most banks before they release any monies.

The grant of probate is the legal document issued by the probate registry after someone has died. It is issued to the Executor named in a will, and once obtained enables the various assets of the deceased to be collected and the estate distributed. It is typically required by banks and building societies to close accounts while to sell a property a grant of probate will also be required.

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