When you need probate

Do I need to apply for probate?

As an Executor the starting point is to decide whether you actually need probate. Frequently, Executors or relatives believe that the will is sufficient to release assets, sadly this is not the case, as probate is the process that `proves ` the will. This means that Probate registry will seal the will, and issue what is known as a Grant of probate, confirming that the will submitted represents the Deceased Persons final will.

If the answer to any of the following questions is YES you will need a Grant of Probate:

  1. Did the deceased have account/s with banks or building societies containing more than £5,000?
  2. Did the deceased own a property?
  3. Did the deceased have an interest in a trust during their lifetime?
  4. Does an institution which holds assets in the sole name of the deceased (for example an insurance company) require a Grant of Probate before they will release the funds?
  5. Was there a house or land owned by the deceased either in his/her own name alone or owned jointly with someone else as tenants in common?
  6. Did the deceased own stocks or shares?
  7. Are you intending to make a claim on behalf of an estate ?

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