The Probate Process

Getting Started

The term Grant of probate is the name given to the actual legal document issued by the Probate registry after an application for probate has been made. The Grant of probate will be issued to the named Executors in a will, and it is this document that will be required by banks to close accounts, or to sell a property. When there is No will, the legal document is called a Grant of letters of administration.

The grant of probate contains the following information :-

  • Full name and address of the deceased
  • Date of death
  • Net value of the estate
  • Full name and address of the Executors

Do I need probate ?

The main reasons to obtain probate are often to collect money in a bank account or sell a property – we have set out in detail other reasons as to why you might need probate by clicking here.

When Will I not need probate ?

Probate is not always needed, for example if assets are jointly owned or very small. If in doubt call us and we can let you know if probate is needed. We have section here 

What is the process to obtain probate ?

Typically the probate process has four parts. Firstly, assessing the assets and liabilities, secondly applying for probate, thirdly collecting and paying the assets and finally administering the estate in accordance with the terms of the will or the intestacy rules, when there is no will.

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