What Do Solicitors Charge for Probate ?

Do I Need a Probate Solicitor ?

The starting point in all cases is finding out whether you actually need or require probate. The main reasons you will typically require probate are as follows :-

  • To Sell a Property
  • To Make a Claim on behalf of an estate
  • To collect monies under an Insurance Policy
  • To collect monies from a bank
  • To collect monies from a Death Benefit

When to seek legal advice from a solicitor

  • Obtaining probate in very small estates can be straightforward, but not in every case. We typically advise that you seek help from a probate solicitor in the following circumstances :
  • When the estate involves inheritance tax issues
  • When the estate involves claiming tax reliefs or exemptions
  • When the will is maybe unclear as to its terms
  • There are issues as to the validity of the will
  • There is an intimation that a claim is going to be made against the estate
  • The estate has large debts
  • The deceased died intestate and there are issues as to who inherits under the intestacy rules
  • There are foreign assets
  • There are various Charities as beneficiaries
  • The estate involves complicated assets

How Much Do Solicitors Charge For Probate ?

There are lots of stories on line about high costs of probate – we are a little bit different and will always charge a fixed fee, this is different from most law firms and other providers who will typically charge for their probate services in one of the three types of way :

  • The most favoured way of charging is by the hour. This doesn’t incentivise any form of efficiency
  • As a percentage of the estate typically 0.5%-3% is the norm but this way can distort fees for example imagine an estate with just one bank account of £300,0000 if a 1% is charged the costs would be £3,000, by contrast an estate with just one bank account of £100,000 the fees would be £1,000. This is despite the work been exactly the same.
  • An hourly rate and a small percentage

Why we are different in how we charge

We are a modern, progressive law firm that recognises that the old way of charging is unsustainable going forward. For this reason, we offer a guaranteed fixed fee with all costs deferred until the end of the case. A fixed probate fee is much fairer because :-

  • You know exactly what the cost will be at the beginning of the case
  • A fixed fee creates efficiency
  • Cuts down on unnecessary work
  • Enables a balanced decision to be made at the beginning of the case as to why it is cost efficient to use a solicitor

Getting a probate quote

We have a fairly straightforward checklist of questions that we ask after which we can then provide a quote, the questions are :-

  • did the deceased leave a will or die intestate with no will ?
  • how many beneficiaries are there
  • what are the assets and liabilities

Having answers to those questions enables us to provide you with a fixed fee straightaway. We then send the quote, summarising exactly what we will need to start work, which is a standard form, the death certificate and a copy of the will.

If you would like a guaranteed fixed fee quote – call us now on  0845 269 3571 or use our contact form.

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