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If you are living overseas and have found out that the Deceased left assets in the UK, what is the procedure to release these  if you have already obtained probate ?

The procedure to release UK assets depends upon which Country the deceased died in. If the deceased died in a country recognised under the UK Colonial Probates Act, then this means that the overseas grant of probate can be resealed in the Uk probate courts. The Countries recognised under the above act include former Commonwealth Countries with the most common reseal applications arising from Countries such as :-

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Canada

If you are an executor or administrator based overseas in any of the above Countries and require help releasing UK assets we can help. The documents that we will always require include :-

  • certified copy of the death certificate or original
  • court sealed and certified copy of the overseas grant and will
  • details of all UK assets – copy documentation relating to uk assets as we would need to contact the organisations
  • identification from the Acting Executors

Timescales do vary as to obtaining a reseal application from the UK, but unless any issues arise we are able to undertake an application and collect in UK assets within 8-12 weeks.

If you require help resealing a UK grant of probate, please contact us by clicking here or we can be contacted by calling us on 00 1482 429985, Tim Murden heads the Reseal Team at TM solicitors.