Has Probate been issued?

Sometimes it is important to obtain a copy of a will. You maybe a beneficiary, a creditor or someone wanting to obtain a will to make a claim. There are a variety of sources you can check:-

An online search for probate records

The government introduced an online search facility, last year which makes searching for a will in which probate has been issued easy.

You can click here and simply type the deceased person’s name and year of death and then search. Copies cost £10 and typically take 14 days.

What does probate show ?

Once you have obtained a copy of the will, and a grant of probate, a few important features to note :-

  • on the grant of probate look out for the date when probate was issued – this is really important date when considering making a claim
  • the grant will have the person who has applied for probate at the bottom – it will name the solicitors firm or state extracted personally if no solicitor
  • the grant will have the net value of the estate
  • the grant will also state the full names and addresses of the personal representatives
  • the grant also shows the Deceased’s full name and last known address
Search for a will by post

Download and fill in form PA1S and pay a fee for a postal search.

Be notified when probate is issued by undertaking a standing search

You can apply for what is known as a standing search. This lasts for 6 months and means that you will automatically be given a copy of the will and probate when issued.

Contact the London probate registry

The london probate registry does store wills and therefore it is worth checking to make sure whether a will has been stored there by the deceased.


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