The Costs of Probate

How much does probate cost with a solicitor ?

Are you and Executor or Administrator or family member worried about the costs of probate, thinking it will cost thousands ? well don’t believe everything you read online as we are a little bit different, we charge a simple to understand guaranteed fixed fee probate for probate this we believe to be much fairer, easier to understand and transparent. You know exactly the cost at the very beginning which makes our service much easier to understand that hourly rates and percentages that most law firms, or banks charge.

Why are your fees so competitive?

We specialise entirely on probate in doing so this has enabled us to have efficient in house systems that deliver probate quickly and efficiently for a competitive fee.

In all cases you will always:-

Speak to someone who knows your case

You will have a direct e-mail and contact number for the person handling your case. This we find is really important as very often people often have lots of questions to ask in an area that that they are unfamiliar with.

Guaranteed Fixed Fee : no hidden surprises

Sadly, we speak with many clients we are often shocked at the level of fees that they have been charged for probate – they often ask us what we would have charged and our fees are often half if not more than what they have been charged for the firm handling their case. What surprises us most is that they had no idea of the cost until the end of the case which we believe is totally unfair.

All fees are deferred

We do not charge for our services upfront, instead all fees are paid upon conclusion once all work has been finalised. Never pay upfront for any service.

Efficient service : probate in weeks not months

As we are efficient at what we do we can obtain probate in very straightforward cases in 3-5 weeks upon receipt of all the paperwork. Obviously the larger estates take longer but don’t be fooled into believing that probate takes a year – handled efficiently it can and should be finished in most cases between 6-8 weeks.

Instructing us is easy

The way we work is focused on delivering a service that best meets the client’s needs – there is no complicated legal jargon, instead we explain things simply in what we hope is an easy to understand way. All our staff are always friendly and approachable.

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