How To Contact Us For Probate Help

The National Probate Helpline is a trading Style name of TM Solicitors, a specialist probate law firm that operate across the UK and for overseas clients. TM Solicitors are Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Understanding the probate process is never easy, and we hope that our website has helped address any questions or concerns you may have about probate. We do recognise that you may need help with an issue that may have arisen and if this is the case, we can help.

Probate Services we can help you with

If you need help with any probate services in the following areas we can help :-

  • Obtaining Probate to release monies in a bank account, sell a property etc
  • Obtaining probate quickly
  • Help handling an estate when there is no will
  • Assistance when the original will maybe lost
  • Help Contesting a Will
  • When problems arise with probate
  • Defending a will on behalf of an estate

Tim Murden heads the probate team and can be contacted directly on 01482 429985, or via direct e-mail at

All correspondence 

If you need to contact us by mail our address is :-

National Probate Helpline – TM Solicitors
Brough Business Centre,
Skillings Lane,
East Yorkshire
HU15 1EN

Telephone: 0844 740 0908
Fax: 01482 429985


We look forward to helping you.