After someone has died, a death is formerly registered by a family member with the local registrar of deaths and births within 5 days of the date of death.

Issue of an interim death certificate

Sometimes, the death maybe reported to a Coroner if a cause of death is unknown, or was sudden and unxplained. If this is the case, the Coroner will issue an interim death certificate. This certificate issued is an interim one and is limited to stating the the deceaseds name, date and place of birth, occupation and address anbd date and place of death. The certificate states the date the investigation commenced, and ends with a statement that the precise cause of death has yet to be estbalished. Once the Coroner is satisfied as to the cause of death, a full death certificate will be issued which will include the cause of death. Sometimes an inquest will be required but not always as this will depend upon whether a post mortem has established the cause of the death.

Can I use the interim death certificate for probate ?

Yes you can use an interim death certificate for applying for probate. If an inquest does take place then this may take many months and thereafter in this interim period you are perfectly entitled if you are an executor of an estate or family member to apply for a grant of probate. 

If you are an executor or family member requiring help with probate, or have a query or question requiring an interim death certificate, please feel free to contact Tim Murden at or at 01482 429985.


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